Entry Qualifications

Candidates who possess any of the following qualifications are eligible for admission into the programme:

  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • First Degree (B.A/B.Sc)
  • Master (M.A/M.Sc)
  • Doctorate degrees (Phd)

Special Features

  • Qualifies a candidate as a professional teacher
  • Enables degree holder to pursue Master’s Degree in education
  • Meadow Hall Infant, Primary and College will serve as demonstration Schools where practical lessons will take place.
  • Allows for professionalism through specialization
  • The process of registering candidates by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) as a professional teacher starts as soon as a candidate starts the PDE programme.
  • Induction of registered candidates into Teaching Profession by TRCN is carried out at the point of graduation.
  • Enables students have an adequate understanding of the philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations of Education and their relevance to teaching and learning in schools;
  • Enables students acquire the requisite general and subject-specific pedagogical skills for teaching in primary and secondary schools; and
  • Provides opportunities for the development of practical skills in the school setting through a process of supervised internship/monitoring.