About the College

Meadow Hall Group is an educational group dedicated to its objective of using education as a tool for societal transformation by developing people to attain their full potential.

In the last 18 years, through our education subsidiary, Meadow Hall Education, we have delivered quality educational services to infant, junior and secondary school students; while in the last 11 years through our consulting and foundation arms, we have delivered continuous teacher professional development training programmes to over 12,000 educators in more than 7 Nigerian cities across different geopolitical zones.

The Meadow Hall Group through its various hands-on and innovative programmes, has groomed students who are presently excelling in various schools in Nigeria and overseas.  Meadow Hall’s passion for raising the standard of quality education is next to none.



To develop high quality teachers who will in turn provide high quality and all round education for the Nigerian child.

  • Provide quality teacher education that will adequately prepare student teachers to educate 21st learners effectively
  • Provide experienced and skilled Facilitators that will give the students rich learning experiences
  • Support students through mentorship and hands on teacher-education programmes
  • Provide conducive and world class learning environment
  • Encourage research-based learning and creativity

Our Partners