Transfer Policy

Programme Transfer Policy

“Transfer” means a student changes the programme of study but remains a student of Meadow Hall College of Education (MHCOE).

  1. For an approved transfer request, the student must have spent no more than 3 weeks into the original programme with full tuition or the equivalent of the full tuition of the transfer request programme. For instance, if you are requesting transfer from PDE to ADELM. The tuition fee for PDE is N215,000 while that of ADELM is N200,000. You must have at least paid the sum of N200,000 to your current programme ‘PDE’ in order for your request to be granted.
  2. The student will be required to write the College formally via email, expressing that he/she will need to withdraw from the current programme and will like to enroll in the new programme.
  3. Once approved, the student will be enrolled in the next available cohort of the new programme.
  4. Please refer to the Withdrawal Policy on the details of the relevant withdrawal.