Processes and Regulations

The Meadow Hall Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) programme will provide teaching, supervision, mentoring and tutorial support and offer you the opportunity to meet the learning outcomes set out above.  This will include feedback from, and regular meetings with School Mentors.

During your school experience placement exercise, you will be provided with opportunities to take an active part in the work of the school through a range of activities, principally around observation and teaching of classes. You will also receive some visits from MHPDE staff during this teaching practice exercise, who will observe and feedback on some of your teaching.

Should you not make satisfactory progress during this programme, targeted support will be made available as soon as this is noticed. Should you be at risk of not meeting the required standards you will receive written notification from MHE.

You will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times and to maintain a good record of attendance.

You will need to check your MHPDE student portal regularly and to keep the Programme Coordinators (PCs) at MHE informed of any changes in your contact details etc. as soon as they occur.

You will be entitled to resubmit academic work on one occasion where the initial submission has been judged to have failed. There is no automatic entitlement for re-assessment of the practical teaching component. This will require formal approval of the MHPDE Board of Examiners.

You will have the opportunity to lodge genuine complaints which will be investigated by MHE. Issue arising should initially be discussed informally with Programme Coordinators (PCs), who will be able to advise on the formal process should it not be possible to resolve the matter at that stage.