Stories Worth Sharing Part 2

Community Building through Teaching.

Welcome to another inspiring time for sharing stories worth sharing from our community of educators. The responses we have received so far, shed light in our hearts and has made us believe even stronger in our ability as humans to share and thrive even in crises.

Before we dive into reading this entry from one of our educators, Mr Opara Kingsley Ikechukwu, we would like to thank you, very much for constantly reading our emails.


I teach in a private Secondary School in South-Eastern Nigeria. Over the past couple of months, in collaboration with some teachers in my school, we created virtual classrooms on WhatsApp and Telegram platforms in order to continue to teach our various subjects pending when schools will resume. Despite some challenges encountered, this process of learning has been going well for my students and I. In addition, I have been holding regular meeting through WhatsApp with parents where I brief them on the learning progress of their wards.
I also organized an enlightenment campaign/programme in my village in my local dialect (Igbo) on the Coronavirus pandemic, where I educated people on the need to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, the use of face-masks and maintaining physical distancing.
Personally, for my mental and financial well-being, I started small-scale farming of cassava, vegetables, maize and curry leaves in the backyard of my house. Upon harvest, my family and I have enough for consumption, I sell some and distributed also to other families within my neighbourhood. In addition to this, I watch some TEDx videos on YouTube to learn more on different topics.
Finally, I started journaling-writing three things I am grateful for on a daily basis. I realised there’s a lot to be thankful and hopeful for.

We hope that this story will spark a light in you to continue to serve, love, share and live an impactful life.
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