Online Learning and Facilitation Certificate

Programme Overview

This 3-course program teaches professionals across disciplines online learning techniques that enable them to create transformative learning experiences by applying the use of technology to support learning outcomes. This certification teaches participants to identify and incorporate appropriate digital platforms and resources (i.e. Zoom) to create and sustain a participatory learning environment that supports critical and creative thinking in a variety of disciplines.

This stand-alone certification serves as the foundation for the Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning: Coaching and Facilitation, which can be achieved with only 2 additional courses. These courses can also be applied towards achieving a Masters of Arts in Leadership.

Entry Requirements

Courses (3units each)

LDRS 627: Theory & Practice of Adult Education

LDRS 662: Intercultural Communication & Facilitation

LDRS 663: Coaching for Transformational Blended Learning

Course Duration

6months – 9Credit Hours

Course Fee

$350/Credit Hour – $3150


Online Learning and Facilitation Certificate

Application Fee