MA in Educational Leadership

MA in Educational Leadership programs is put together to improve leadership competence through enhanced commitment, capability, and effectiveness in five specialty areas: business, health, education, non-profit organizations, and Christian ministry of the professional people. TWU’s leadership degrees are intended to be intensely practical, with an emphasis on developing skills that can be used immediately in the participant’s place of employment.

The program courses in all streams are available completely online or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. There is the option of two summer residencies at the TWU Langley campus for one month. The Business stream and Healthcare stream are offered in a face to face delivery at the TWU Richmond Campus. It is possible to complete the program full time in 13 months and part time in 25 months. Learning experiences ensure a provincially, nationally, and internationally recognized graduate programme.

Course Duration

18 months – 34 Credit Hours

Course Fee

$350/Credit Hour – $11,900


Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership

Application Fee



Core Courses (3units each, Total of 15units)

Elective Courses (Education Stream) - 3units each, Total of 15units

Capstone Courses- 2units each, Total of 4units